Highest Paying URL Shortener

Highest Paying
URL Shortener
GettyLink.com is a completely free short URL redirection service with a twist. Get paid for links you share on the Internet. You can place links on your website, forums, and more! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links.

Shrink destination link

After creating an account, shorten any URLs with a click of a button

Share shrinked link

Share your shortened URLs on the internet (social media, Youtube, blogs, websites).

Get paid for the clicks

Get paid for every person who clicks on your shortened URL!

Highest Rates

Make the most out of your traffic with our always increasing rates. We pay for all legitimate visitor you bring to your gettylinks.

Low Minimum Payout

You are required to earn only $5.00 before you will be paid. We can pay all users via their PayPal & Skrill. And we have pay daily payments.

10% Referral Bonus

Referral program is another great way to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 10% of their earnings for life!

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